a zone of Proximal development


The next step of the rest of your life is a good place to begin; it’s the only place to begin. When we try to begin anywhere else we find ourselves feeling stuck, down, trapped, tired, unhappy...not at your best.

Developmentally we can attain only that which is within our capacity albeit not yet learned. While we can dream of reaching a desired outcome we still need to get there one step at a time. The Russian Psychologist Vygotsky explains that the Zone of Proximal Development is the potential that we are about to grow into; usually with the assistance of someone who Guides us into the experience. It is from this initiatory experience that we can begin to internalise the action, the expression, the perspective.


The Next Step

I have walked the shores, mountains and valleys of the experiences this world offers - Life.

I have asked questions with the same frequency as the waves, the wind and the stars.

The journey inward, the journey outward are enhanced and navigated when people come together.

Becoming more of who you are, and finding your own “next step” is an inner desire we all have. This is your intuitive “knowing” that you can integrate and overcome blockages that occur in the various areas of our lives.

I have an Integrated approach to Wellness and work closely with my clients to find unique Solutions to their presenting  Life questions.

Integrating ancient wisdom with current Evolutionary Enlightenment, and drawing on a variety of techniques, I am able to create spaces for your becoming even more alive and free.

These techniques include Transpersonal and Shamanic intuitive methods,  Family and Systems Constellations,  traditional Narrative Therapy,  Reiki and  basic Body Work.

We journey together both inward and outward.

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